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The 30 day challenge is what you have been waiting for! A challenge that is ABSOLUTELY 100% achievable. Come and meet the team and the rest of the amazing community. We only release on average 5 spaces a month to ensure our brand standards and values are maintained.

Farrant Fitness

The Assessment

Your personal fitness expert will complete your 1:1 assessment, which will include the setup of your MyZone belt along with the non-invasive Styku 3D Body Scan to get your starting report and complete your functional movement screening.

The Assessment
The Sessions

The Sessions

Your personal fitness expert will guide you through the structured training programme. This programme has proven scientific movements that your body needs in order to improve your physical appearance as well as your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

The Metrics

For daily accountability use your MyZone belt to track your workouts, calories burnt and your heart rate along with other great health benefits. Begin your journey using our Styku 3D Body Scanner to identify your starting point along with measuring your progress throughout the challenge.

The Metrics
The Results

The Results

Only around 20% of our clients come wanting six-pack abs. For everyone else, it's a personal journey to achieve the best version of themselves through improving their mobility, strength and confidence.

The 30 Day Trial Challenge

The full breakdown of everything you get in the challenge.

1:1 Assessment

12 Small Group Personal Training Sessions

MyZone Heart Rate Monitor Belt

Styku 3D Body Scan

What Happens Next?


This is a discussion about your personal goals and what you hope to get out of the challenge.


This confirms your space for the challenge this month.


Your journey then starts with the 1:1 assessment and this is to get an understanding of how your body moves as well as setting you up on Myzone. Part of the 1:1 assessments we take all of your starting bench marks which will help us with measuring your improvements linked to your goals.

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Offer Price £99

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The 30 Day Trial FAQ's

The 30 Day Trial is perfect for complete beginners. There is nothing to worry about and we will look after you every step of the way. Over 60% of our clients were complete beginners when they joined.

No problem. All our fitness experts are trained to provide alternative exercises to work around any current or past issues to help strengthen and mobilise your body to a new improved version of you.

We would obviously be delighted to onboard you as a member and together we would decide what the best membership option for you would be. We also appreciate that we are not the right fit for around 10-15% of people and that is absolutely fine and we hope we can point you in the right direction of who is.

We don't believe in contracts or joining fees and our memberships start from as little as £64.95 per month.